Management Doctors

MD provides independent support for strategic analysis and information security management in organizations with increased digitization and cybersecurity demands.

Background & Mission

Ever since its inception in 1996, the company have been closely linked to research at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Our mission is to drive strategic development in an increasingly digital environment based on improvements in information and cybersecurity by adapting the goal picture and organizational structure to achieve measurable changes and business operations improvements.

Industry & Academia

We have broad industrial experience from various industries such as telecommunications, the electric power industry, banking and insurance, logistics, municipalities, and other critical public sectors. We also have extensive experience in IT procurement under the public procurement act. In summary, we offer our customers assistance based on best practices from both industry and academia.

Our consultants have both practical experience and the ability to explain complicated things understandably.

Area of Operations

Example of areas where MD have been making a difference:

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